Workshop: Databases for 2080 – Preserving database content for the long term (registered guests only)


Tabular data of 1961 census
Tabular data of 1961 census
05.10.2021 13:00 Uhr - 06.10.2021 13:00 Uhr

Workshop: Databases for 2080 – Preserving database content for the long term

After our call for participation in February, we have received plenty of reactions and the workshop was intense and rich in impulses and gained knowledge. The workshop was held as a remote conference, enabling guests to watch the presentations and discuss with us from anywhere. Guests had to apply for participation and confirmed that they will meet the conditions given in our call for participation.

Presentations of 5th and 6th October

Welcome address by Prof. Dr. Gerald Maier (President, Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg)Video
Introduction by Kai Naumann (Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg)VideoSlides
Options and Strategies
Brigitte Mathiak (GESIS): Sustainability strategies for digital humanities systemsVideoSlides
Raja Appuswamy (EURECOM): Storing and reviving databases on DNAVideoSlides
Florian Hartl (CSP GmbH & Co KG) and Albin Brandl (EfficientNodes GmbH): Database preservation for industry customersVideoSlideless!
Klaus Rechert (University Freiburg i.Br.): Emulation options for legacy databasesVideoSlides
Damir Bulic (Spectral Core Ltd): Database preservation through conversion technologyVideoSlides
Luis Faria (KEEP Solutions, LDA): Preservation through standardisation with DBPTKVideoSlides
Kuldar Aas (National Archives Estonia): E-ARK standardisation efforts for databasesVideoSlides
Standardisation and application
James Doig (National Archives Australia): Transfer and Preservation of Databases at the National Archives of Australia: Problems and DirectionsVideoSlides & manuscript
Markus Schmalzl (Directorate General of State Archives Bavaria): A tool for the preservation of data from governmental and research databasesVideoSlides
Torbjørn Aasen (Intercommunal Archive Møre og Romsdal): Database ingest and use at public archives with the SIARD formatVideoSlides
Martin Rechtorik (National Archives Czech Republic): DB archiving and use at Czech authoritiesVideoSlides
Boris Domajnko (National Archives Slovenia): Accessing SIARD databasesVideoSlides
Kai Naumann (Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg): WrapupVideoSlides

Further workshop documentation

There will be an ebook with an extensive report and full coverage of slides in 2022.