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Researching & Ordering >> Research Guides >> Family and Biographical Data >> Family and Biographical Data: Birth, Marriage, Death circa 1600 to 1870/74/76

Family and Biographical Data: Birth, Marriage, Death circa 1600 to 1870/74/76

Recherchefüher Lebensdaten 1600 bis 1870

Here you can obtain information to determine the biographical data of persons, who lived after the establishment of church registers (depending on the location between the 16th and 18th centuries) and before the introduction of the official civil registers in 1870 (Baden) or 1874 (Hohenzollern) or 1876 (Württemberg).

The church registers of the Protestant and Catholic Communities contain information on church rituals, such as baptisms, marriages and deaths/burials in chronological order. They are the only systematic records on the biographical data of persons before the period 1870/74/76.

What information do you need before you start with your search?

You require the following information on the person you are looking for

Which church registers can you view online at the Landesarchiv?

Registry books (=copies of church registers) in Baden: For the period 1810-1870 the registry books for north Baden can be found in the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe Bestand 390 Standesbücher, for south Baden in the Staatsarchiv Freiburg Bestand L 10 Standesbücher.

Catholic communities in Württemberg: For the period 1808-1875 copies of the Catholic church registers can be found in the Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg Bestand F 901.

Jewish communities: The digital versions of the civil registers of the communities in Württemberg and Hohenzollern in the 18th to 20th centuries can be found in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart Bestand J 386. The digital versions of the registers of communities in Baden can be found in the Baden registry books (see above).

Using the search function you can look for the place of birth or residence of the person concerned in the above mentioned online finding aids with digital versions.

In which other archives can you find church registers?

Not all of the church registers from the period before 1808/10 nor all of the church registers of the Evangelical Communities in Württemberg from the 19th century are kept in the Landesarchiv. It is recommended to enquire at the appropriate state church or diocese archive, who usually offer the use of the church registers through microfilms. Please take the exact conditions for enquiries and access from the terms for use of the corresponding archive.

Depending on the confession of faith of the person being looked for and the historical affiliation of the place of birth or residence, the following church archives come into consideration:

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