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Landesarchiv >> Organisation >> Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg

Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg

Gebäude des Staatsarchivs Ludwigsburg   Arsenalplatz 3
D-71638 Ludwigsburg
Telefon: 07141/64854-6310
Telefax: 07141/64854-6311

In 1995 the Department Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg moved into the former arsenal barracks (Arsenalkaserne) in the town centre. Today about 680 State agencies from the governmental district (Regierungsbezirk) Stuttgart transfer their files to the Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg. Ludwigsburg also stores 500 000 files from the time of the Third Reich and the time after World War II, which have been created by the Heimatspruchkammer in the course of denazification. These files are a unique source for researchers.

Records specifically worth mentioning are those of the police headquarters, of the administration and artistic performances of the State Theatre of Stuttgart, and all the birth registers of the women's hospital (Landesfrauenklinik). Ludwigsburg also holds records of Ulm, Esslingen, Heilbronn and other former free imperial towns, of the Teutonic Order and of the domain of the Prince-Provost of Ellwangen. Of special interest are the records of the courts of justice, of the district government and Oberämter.