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Archival Training

Archivists - Who we are

We advise government departments and the wider public sector on best practice in records management as well as selecting government records of enduring historical value which will be preserved. We strive to make our collection as accessible as possible to the community at large and to heighten our profile both nationally and internationally. Our education service is committed to sharing and interpreting records for the benefit of academics and students of all ages.

Archivists bring history to life

Archivists introduce citizens to the written history of a country. They keep documents, such as charters, files, maps, plans, photos, film- and sound material, and in the years to come they will also hold digital material. They live and work in the present, yet they are a bridge between the past and the future. They describe records competently and make them accessible to a wider public.

Archivists are custodians of cultural heritage

The creation of the oldest documents being stored in the Archives of Baden-Württemberg goes back to the beginning of the 9th century. Archives and libraries in Baden-Württemberg are the custodians of unique and irretrievable treasures, an immensely rich and irreplaceable heritage of manuscripts, books, official records and other documents, seals, maps and plans. However, many of these objects are now at risk from decay. Archivists and restorers have made it their duty to restore, preserve and microfilm books and documents that are in danger of being lost.

Archivists use modern information technology

One of our major achievements in the past few years has been the development of electronic records management, which will replace paper-based systems. We are at the forefront of this advance and will continue to develop it and advise others on its use. We have also pioneered the digitisation of records on paper and other traditional media so that they now can be seen on-line.

Archivists provide public service for agencies and researchers

Archivists provide information on storing files for employees of agencies, courts and other institutions of the Land Baden-Württemberg, as well as federal institutions with regional responsibility.


Reiner Schubert, Telephone: 0711/7212-4280

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