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Tasks and Responsibilities

Ausbessern eines Siegels

In 1995 the Institute for Preservation of Archival and Library Materials was at last able to move into the Arsenal building in the centre of Ludwigsburg that had been converted specifically to accomodate its various functions. Once the move to the Arsenal was completed the security filming centres in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart were closed down and their work integrated into the Institute. The result is that the capabilities and the capacity of the Institute in all areas of preservation are now available to archives and libraries.

In particular, the Institute has installed large-scale equipment and process technology that cannot be used at an acceptable cost in the decentralised workshops of individual archives and libraries. Six different types of water, compressed air, vacuum chambers and many other facilities required for state-of-the-art restoration and conservation processes are now provided. This means that there is also now an opportunity to develop new methods of treating certain kinds of damage for which there has until now been no remedy available.