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Research Guides

Rechercheführer Startseite

The Landesarchiv research guides assist you when looking for information in archives about people, places and particular subjects. They provide references to archive groups, archive resources, data banks, aids for research or refer to other institutions.

The research guides always show the "standard route" for a search for information, which normally leads to a result. However, sometimes research does not lead to a result, since not all documents have been preserved over the centuries.

The research guides are not a substitute for a search for information and a personal consultation in the reading rooms of the Landesarchiv, but act as a support. The use of archives in the Landesarchiv is regulated by the user regulations, the reading room regulations and the fee regulations. Further information on the use of archives can be found under "How to use the Landesarchiv".

In case of advanced or time-consuming research, you might want to assign the task to a research service provider. The Landesarchiv has a list of service providers.

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