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Landesarchiv >> Departmental Structure >> Hohenlohe-Zentralarchiv Neuenstein

Hohenlohe-Zentralarchiv Neuenstein

Gebäude des Hohenlohe-Zentralarchivs Neuenstein   Schloss
D-74632 Neuenstein
Telefon: 07942-2277
Telefax: 07942-4295

In the Hohenlohe-Zentralarchiv Neuenstein the records of the Counts and Princes of Hohenlohe (Grafen und Fürsten zu Hohenlohe) are made accessible to researchers and a wider community. After 1945 the archives of the different branches of the House of Hohenlohe - mentioned in the 12th century for the first time - were brought together in Neuenstein. These records are important for the territorial, political and economic development of the northeast of the present Land Baden-Württemberg. Even today the archives are the property of the present six branches of the House of Hohenlohe, but are taken care of by the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg.