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Landesarchiv >> Projects >> Kalliope II - Description of Personal Papers in Archives, Libraries and Museums

Kalliope II - Description of Personal Papers in Archives, Libraries and Museums

Project funded by the German Research Foundation

Abbildung von Kalliope - Ausschnitt aus der Startseite des Verbundinformationssystems

"Kalliope", a joint information system, is intended as the central retrieval tool for personal papers and autographs in Germany. Partners in this information system are the Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart (Dr. Regina Keyler and Jeannette Godau M.A.), the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (Dr. Gerald Maier and Dr. Jürgen Treffeisen), the Staatsbibliothek and the Landesarchivverwaltung in Berlin, the Stadt and Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main and the Deutsches Museum, München.

Before 2003 participation was possible on-line and off-line, the import and export of data took place via the library interface MAB2 and Z39.50. The new result of the project "Kalliope II", funded by the German Research Foundation and carried out from May 2003 to May 2004, was the following: It became possible to communicate with basically different systems via an open, XML-based interface.

The XML-interface allows the user to find the records of all the participants through the Kalliope-interface. Thus via links it is guaranteed that the user will have direct access to the on-line collections of the Central State Archives and the other partners.

Before, however, XML could be put to the test as a neutral data format, the focus as regards content was on the documentation of the systems MIDOS Augias, FAUST, allegroHANS and Kalliope (RNA/MAB2). As the three institutions Archives, Libraries and Museums have different description policies, a common solution must be found. The Central State Archives in Stuttgart tested the new approach with the re-description of the personal papers of the famous architect Heinrich Schickhardt (1550-1635). A similar test was applied to the political papers of Gebhard Müller (1900-1990), where the regulations how to describe personal papers and autographs of the libraries (Regeln zur Erschließung von Nachlässen und Autographen - RNA) were combined with archival description methods. In addition, it was necessary to examine if the PND (norm data of persons) of the German Library as far as name, field of activity, gender, and national code were concerned could be applied to the archival description of personal papers.

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