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Archival Portals

If you want to have information of the different Archives in Baden-Württemberg like the State Archives, Church Archives etc., the internet portal Archives in Baden-Württemberg will provide you with the necessary details. This portal introduces all the Archives according to the same criteria. It advises the user about their fields of competence and their record groups. It also informs about the opening hours, technical aids and the place where to find them.

At present the BAM-Portal brings together the digital catalogues, finding aids, and inventories of certain Libraries, Archives and Museums simultaneously, so that it is possible to get the necessary information of all the three institutions at the same time. The BAM Portal is a project funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and the Landesarchiv and its database will be extended in the years to come.

The internet guide ARGE ALP (an association of Alpenländer) gives information of the record groups that are kept in the Archives of Southern Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Graubünden, Lombardei, Salzburg, St. Gallen, Südtirol, Tessin, Tirol, Trient, Vorarlberg. It also describes (in German and Italian) the Archives of the 36 members and points out which collections are of cross-border interest for the ARGE ALP members and researchers.