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Landesarchiv >> Tasks and Services >> Protection of Archives as Historic Monuments and Cultural Assets

Protection of Archives as Historic Monuments and Cultural Assets

Under the Protection of the Archival Monuments Act (Landesdenkmalschutzgesetz) the Landesarchiv is responsible for the protection of historic archival monuments. The main aim of this protection is the appraisal, description, conservation of valuable documents in private and non-governmental archives. If the owner of these archives agrees, the archivists helps him to make them accessible to researchers.

Archives are cultural monuments, which must be protected and cared for by the Land Baden-Württemberg. It is the responsibility of the Landesarchiv to carry out these demands for private archives. First, a very important task is to initiate the entry of valuable archives into a book in which cultural monuments in Baden-Württemberg are listed - the "Denkmalbuch" des Landes Baden-Württemberg and into a list of archives classified as valuable monuments of the Nation - "Verzeichnis national wertvoller Archive".

Second, before doing so the Landesarchiv gives its opinion on the required standards of these archives.

Third, the Landesarchiv offers advice to the owners of the archives how to keep them.

Fourth, in cooperation with the owners the Landesarchiv plans description projects and helps to get funds from the Foundation of Cultural Assets (Stiftung Kulturgut) Baden-Württemberg.

More information in German:
Denkmal- und Kulturgutschutz