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Outreach Programmes

The Landesarchiv is committed to enhancing the knowledge of the history of Baden-Württemberg and it encourages research concerned with local or general history. It also offers outreach projects intended to make potential users familiar with records, authentic documents etc. These offers address all citizens and cover guided tours through the Archives, open days, exhibitions organized by the archivists themselves or by other institutions, lectures, and special courses where it is taughed how to read records.

In addition, the archivists are interested in a good relationship with universities and schools. In the Archives they organize lessons for pupils where special subjects of the syllabus are taught and where the pupils are confronted with original documents. They have also prepared historical material which can be used by teachers in their history lessons.

Each single State Archives has its own section on the homepage of the Landesarchiv. There you can find further information on daily or monthly events. Do not hesitate to ask the Archives in your neighbourhood, if you are interested in a guided tour, in a special project, or if you want to visit the Archives with your students.

The services of the Landesarchiv "as a centre of competence for regional history" are

You get all the necessary information in the "Archivnachrichten" Baden-Württemberg published twice a year.

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