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Reference Service

Records will be used permanently and for different reasons. Under the "State Archives Act" (Landesarchivgesetz) from 2004 and the "Access Regulations" (Landesarchivbenutzungsordnung) for the different departments of the Landesarchiv it is generally agreed that everybody who can prove a vested interest in records has the right to use them in the reading room of the Archives or can write a reference letter or ask questions personally. A first-time researcher usually begins by writing a letter of inquiry asking whether specific information is available.

Agencies and courts of law are the most important institutions for whom the archivist has to maintain a reference service and has to act as an expert. Besides, he supports researchers and historians, who have to rely on authentic documents. Last but not least by making the records accessible to society at large the archivist fulfils a task which is an imperative of a democratic state. The records are vital to protect the rights of citizens within a democratic society. The archivist ensures that the decisions of public agencies and the decisions of political institutions can be traced back to their origins, and guarantees their accountability.

The archives can be used in the reading rooms of the departments of the Landesarchiv, where also copies and reproductions can be provided. It is also possible to send a reference letter or E-Mail.

To use the records of the Landesarchiv you must have a reader's ticket. You must apply for this ticket at one of the departments of the Landesarchiv . It is valid for five years and can be used in all departments. The service for researchers is free of charge, however, you have to pay for business purposes and other extras which are listed in the Fees Order (Landesarchivgebührenordnung) for the Landesarchiv.