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Apart from the preservation of archival material one of the main tasks of an archivist is to make this material accessible to the public at large. It is necessary to describe, analyse and arrange the archives, so that they can be successfully used. This is a demanding task.

For every descriptive unit the archivist describes how and when the file was created, how it is structured and what its content is. Besides, the inventory contains all the necessary information and details of the history of the agency.

In the various departments of the Landesarchiv you will find a variety of finding aids which give an overview of all the record groups. Subject-oriented finding aids and a database help to get information quickly. The Landesarchiv lays its main emphasis on the extension of data based finding aids.

In the last few years standardisation of IT-based description has been one of the main tasks of the archivists. The result has been a lot of new regulations for the description of different kinds of archives. In addition, new standards and guidelines for description projects have been developed to be able to plan and carry out these new projects reliably.

Archives, Libraries and Museums have cooperated for some years to develop joint portals to make access to records, books and artefacts easier. They have also discussed problems of standardised and homogeneous description, of index and interface. The Landesarchiv focuses on the systematic extension of on-line finding aids with the emphasis on retro-conversion of older finding aids.

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